Nintendo confirms Canada-exclusive Wii Mini


It turns out yesterday's Wii Mini rumor is true. Nintendo confirmed today the release of the smaller Wii console, but revealed that it will be exclusive to Canada. For those of you who live there, the Wii Mini will launch on December 7 at a suggested retail price of $99.99.

Nintendo didn't get into exact size specifications, but did say it was "smaller than the original Wii system" and that it comes in matte black with a red border. It also bundles a red Wii Remote Plus (which you can also use on the Wii U!) and a red Nunchuk controller. The Wii Mini also works with "most" Wii accessories, Nintendo said. Unfortunately, it has no internet capabilities and does not play Nintendo GameCube games.

The primary focus of the Wii Mini, it seems, is on Wii games. If you're wondering why Nintendo is releasing a redesigned Wii so late in the system's lifecycle (especially with the Wii U launching this month), the company claims it's a "great value for first-time Wii owners who just want to jump in and experience all the great Wii games that helped usher in a revolution in motion-controlled gaming."

“There are games in the Wii library for every type of player,” said Ron Bertram, Nintendo of Canada’s vice president and general manager. “Wii Mini is a great gift for the holidays that brings everyone in the family together to play. Wii Mini has a mini price, but it’s all about big fun.”  

The Wii Mini will be available in Canada during the holiday season. Nintendo offered no further information about its potential availability in other territories in the future. You can learn more about the Wii Mini here.

Via: Nintendo confirms Canada-exclusive Wii Mini