Then Xbox LIVE acquired WatchESPN and sports were good

Did you ever feel like the ESPN app for Xbox LIVE was sorta half a@#ed?  Did you want more from your sporting app?  Who wants to have to turn off their Xbox, switch functions, or even *gasp* go to a different room to watch TV?  This all sounds barbaric to me.  Here’s a better idea, why don’t I watch everything sports ON my Xbox instead?

Well soon you’ll be able too.  Xbox LIVE is getting the WatchESPN app.  What this means is that with a gold account and cable, you’ll be able to watch all ESPN channels from your Xbox machine; these channels include ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNU, and more. 

Besides being lazy, watching ESPN on your Xbox means you have just another use for that Kinect you probably don’t use that often and it gives you an excuse to play with SmartGlass.  Why not control your Xbox via phone or tablet? 

Now you watch how the Marlins have completely sold their team FIRST on Xbox LIVE!


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