You've gotta be kidding me, Far Cry 3 has tea bagging as a 'final move'

Far Cry 3 Image

In many first-person shooters, tea bagging is performed during the actual match. For those unfamiliar, the act is performed usually after you kill someone; you run over to their corpse and crouch over it repeatedly, essentially "tea bagging" them. 

It's not 100% certain where tea bagging originated, the video game industry has welcomed it with open arms for some odd reason. Franchise like Halo and Call of Duty have certainly embraced it, although 343 Industries recently renamed it the "victory crouch" in Halo 4.

Ubisoft, on the other hand, has not only adopted tea bagging, but has taken the act to a whole new level in Far Cry 3. In the multiplayer trailer, which was released earlier this week, tea bagging was shown as one of the acts you can perform as the "final move" after a multiplayer match.

The clip very briefly showed the top player of the winning team humiliating the best player of the losing team. The character repeatedly crouches over the loser while the other winning players stand over him and laugh. 

Although I recognize the history of tea bagging in video games, it seems the devs for Far Cry 3 have taken it to a new level by actually including it as a "final move". It's one thing if a player does it using the actions in the game, but for the developers to sit there and actually create the animations just seems a little tacky to me.

Personally, I've never been a fan of the whole act of tea bagging. Why do people feel the need to purposefully humiliate another player? There's enough unwarranted hate online that we don't need to intentionally add more. Where do you stand...or crouch...on the whole tea bagging debate?

Check out the multiplayer trailer here.

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