3DS sales continue to dominate in Japan

Nintendo 3DS XL Image

The Wii U's supremacy in Japan was short lived, as another Nintendo system retook the sales throne. According to Media Create's latest sales reports, the 3DS sold the most units for Week 50 of 2012.

From December 10, 2012 through December 16, 2012, the 3DS sold 319,025 units brings its lifetime total to 9,118,403. Meanwhile, Nintendo's other console, the recently released Wii U, sold 126,916 units. That placed it second among all other consoles in sales in Japan. The Wii U's lifetime sales in Japan are now at 435,058.

Nintendo's grasp on the top two sales spots was firm as the closest system was Sony's PS3 which sold just 42,976 units. The Vita continued its trend of underperforming the PSP which is especially startling considering this is a holiday month. The Vita's lifetime sales now sit at 1,089,067 in Japan.

Via: 3DS sales continue to dominate in Japan