Atlus's God Mode co-op shooter pokes fun at Greek mythology


Atlus has announced a little competition for the biggest mature-rated Greek mythology game on the market.

It's hard not to picture God of War after reading about God Mode, which puts a "gruesome twist on Greek mythology," according to publisher Atlus's press release. The two contain very different styles of gameplay — God of War's hack-n-slash action versus the frantic shooter approach of God Mode — but both put a considerable emphasis on multiplayer, and God Mode's "dark and humorous" view of the afterlife might poke fun where God of War takes itself too seriously.

God Mode even features a familiar-sounding story: You control a now-mortal descendant of an ancient god who's been banished from Mount Olympus. Each player must journey through the Maze of Hades "to seek redemption and reclaim their place in the pantheon."

The game features 1-4 player online and offline co-op multiplayer. Developer Old School Games — a new studio in collaboration with Saber Interactive, which worked on Inversion and Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary — promises a high-quality downloadable title at the low cost of $9.99.

God Mode allows players to customize characters' appearance and equipment and redeem gold and experience to unlock new weapons and abilities, which can be upgraded. Additionally, in-game modifiers called Tests of Faith alter gameplay so that matches play out differently each time.

This isn't the first time Atlus has published a game with similar themes to a blockbuster hit. The Cursed Crusade, which came out last year to mostly poor reviews, shared a style in common with Assassin's Creed.

God Mode looks considerably different than God of War, though. Check out the trailer here, and look for the release in early 2013.

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