Cliff Bleszinski working on a new IP titled Silverstreak


Good ol' Cliffy B is a busy man. Well, not really, but he will be soon. Aside from taking a break from game development and going to Disneyland, the man behind Jazz Jackrabbit, Unreal, and Gears of War has been tinkering away on a new project.

While details are scarce, Bleszinski stated that his upcoming IP is codenamed Silverstreak. And that's pretty much all we know so far about this mystery game. I wonder if it's related to the Silverstreak line of busses. Man, those things are comfy!

The Dane Cook look-alike went on to say that he would like to be remembered for more than just chainsaw-guns and men with giant bodies too big for their heads. Okay, so I added that last part, but still.

"It's time for a fresh start," Cook, err, Bleszinski told X-Play. "I'll start a new studio maybe at some point. It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when and with who."

Also, this:

Cliffy B


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