Here are your three major VGA 2012 reveal trailers

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Image

If you've watched the Video Game Awards this year, chances are you walked away pretty satisfied. Not only because Samuel L. Jackson did an amazing mutha*$#!ing job at hosting, but because we were also treated to some pretty awesome reveals.

Let's start with The Phantom Pain, the trailer that not only got everyone intrigued, but also got everyone talking and speculating. So much so that it already looks like it has been decoded as the viral trailer for the next Metal Gear game. Honestly speaking, once that connection was made, a whole lot of it started making much more sense.

We don't ever get a good look at the main character's bandaged face, but from the mullet, it was easy to deduce that it looked like Snake /  Big Boss. Other visual cues like a supposed Volgin appearing also hinted at a connection to Metal Gear. However the biggest clue was through the game's logo. The negative space clearly shows that Metal Gear Solid V fits perfectly into the top of the logo.

The next pleasant surprise was the announcement of Dark Souls II. There are still gamers who are agonizing themselves over beating Dark Souls, hell even Demon Souls for that matter, but it turns out that From Software was already hard at work on a sequel.

Promising a whole new story and new character, along with "server based multiplayer," gamers can rest assured that the series will continue its unrelenting challenge. It's going to be very tricky for the devs to implement new features, while keeping current fans happy.

The last major reveal was Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, which marks the return of Gabriel Belmont. According to Konami, fans can expect thrilling new twists and challenges. However, it seems like the second game will mark the conclusion of the Lords of Shadow saga.

Lords of Shadow showed gamers that a 3D Castlevania, despite previous efforts, can actually work, and Lords of Shadow 2 looks to be even better.

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