League of Legends eSports Update: Aphromoo joins CLG North America

clg aphromoo

On their website today, Counter Logic Gaming made numerous announcements in regards to their plans in 2013. The most notable of these announcements was the addition of Zaqueri "Aphromoo" Black to the CLG roster. CLG Prime -- which returns to the original Counter Logic Gaming name now that CLG EU and CLG Black have left the organization -- will be having Aphromoo start as its support player, a role vacated by Locodoco.

About joining CLG, Aphromoo said:

Time to get down to business [...] Being given the opportunity to play support for CLG makes me a little giddy because I will be able to play a role I am most comfortable in, coming from a healer for seven years in World of Warcraft. I will be putting in hard work to master support coming from playing AD carry so much, but with being under CLG I will have the proper tools necessary in order to become the best support in the world. I am happy!

CLG also announced that since CLG Black disbanded, Black's former mid player Austin "Link115" Shin will be joining them as an alternate player and moving into the CLG house in Burbank. To read more about their other plans for 2013, CLG management changes, and CLG EU leaving, visit the clgaming.net.

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