League of Legends preseason 3 patch is now live

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I admittedly played around with the new masteries and looked over the new items for a solid half hour this morning.  With that said, I still don’t feel like I’m even close to hanging a full understanding of what’s going on; which I find exciting.  All of these new changes, items, masteries, summoner spells, etc, have really shaken things up from the League of Legends we have grown to know and love. 

The theme of this patch is that Riot really wanted to give players more options for builds, item choice, and over all experience.  I’d say these changes are significant to make this goal a go.  The reason Riot is dropping this huge patch in the preseason is that it doesn’t change the game heavily during tournament play. Riot has been hearing the pleas from fans and Morello even said these changes had to happen.  What better time than now? 

So now instead of every attack damage carry having the exact same masteries and items we could see some changes based off preferences besides what is the best cookie cutter build for the time.  Seriously, look at that Utility Mastery tree.  While the damage or defense may not be there for your favorite champions, those utility masteries could still make you an extremely strong powerhouse.  With faster cooldowns, quicker movement, and much more gold generation you’ll be able to compete with those straight damage or defense masteries chumps.      

With the most changes occurring to junglers and support champs, I am really interested in seeing just how much of a game changer this all is.  And when I say really interested I of course mean really excited.  I’m always for things that break the META and all of these changes will definitely shake up everything we know. 

I have one word for you, “Biscuiteer.”


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