Sega suing Level-5 over touchscreen mechanic used in soccer game

Inazuma Eleven 2 Image

Famed Professor Layton developer Level-5 is currently facing a lawsuit from Sega. It seems the company that brought us Sonic the Hedgehog is upset over the use of a touchscreen mechanic used in Level-5's Inazuma Eleven series of soccer RPGs.

Sega's complaint hasn't been completely detailed yet, but reports indicate that it revolves largely around the use of the touchscreen to move characters around. Ya know, because the idea of moving characters around with your finger or stylus on the touchscreen was originally conceived by Sega.

The company demands that Level-5 cease its sale of eight games in the Inazuma Eleven series. Additionally, Sega wants 900 million yen (about $11 million) in damages. I swear this just keeps getting better and better.

Okay, Sega, I like ya, but this is just petty. I mean, seriously, just because the company's losing so much money and is struggling to stay afloat in this industry doesn't mean it should attempt to pull wacky stunts like this. Ugh ... I really didn't want to go there, but you made me, Sega. Damn you for making me bring up the poop-infested toilet that is your financial situation.

[Yomiuri Online via Polygon]

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Via: Sega suing Level-5 over touchscreen mechanic used in soccer game