The Borderlands: Origins 2 comic came out yesterday

Borderlands 2 Image

Are you a Borderlands fan?  Did you ever wonder just where those vault hunters came from in the first game?  Why Pandora?  Just why were they on that bus with Marcus?  If you read that Borderlands: Origins #1 comic, you’d know all about the story of Roland and how he got the party started.  Now, it is time to read about Lilith in the Borderlands: Origins #2.

I personal played as both Sirens in the Borderlands games so this comic interest me.  What really goes into being a Siren?  Just how much power does she have?  I remember the echo recorders for Maya in Borderlands 2 were pretty dark.  I expect a good story out of Lilith; “Learn how a young girl came to understand her incredible power, and how that power helped to save a world.”

The comic is out in both physical form and digital download, so choose your poison.  The digital download is only $3.99 so WHERE IS YOUR EXCUSE!?  Enjoy.       



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