Theatrhythm makes its way to iOS, so it seems

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Image

Two days ago, Square teased an announcement for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy on their site, without much information, though many speculated it would be an announcement of an iOS version of the same title. Looks like everyone was right on the money!

While Square Enix has yet to officially announce anything, it seems that the New Zealand iTunes page already has a listing for it. It will be completely free, will most likely include a few songs and the rest you'll have to purchase separately.

There are a few changes for the iOS versions. For one, it looks like EMS (Event Music Stages) have been cut entirely, most likely to save space since they were all essentially cutscenes. The iOS version will also include a revamped quest mode called Quest Medley which will randomly choose one BMS (battle) and FMS (field), a random difficulty, and various rewards for completing them.

While there is no listing on the North American iTunes yet, I can't imagine it will be long until we're able to play it. Not sure what this musical Final Fantasy title is? Check out our review!

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