Weekly wrap-up 12/7/2012

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Another week has passed us by, and it’s been quite a busy few days as far as reviews are concerned. We’ve got the latest vidya gaming content right here in our weekly wrap-up, so if you missed out on our review of Adventure Time, our recap of The Walking Dead, or other featured stories, you’ll find it all right here.


Review: Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper kicks ass on the Wii U, despite some small issues

This is easily the most complete game in the Warriors series, and it’s so robust that it would make a great starting point for any new fans.

Review: Gunnar Optiks Vinyl Gaming Glasses

Want to look badass while gaming? The Gunnar Optiks Vinyl Gaming Glasses got ya covered. Oh, they’re also useful for protecting your eyes.

Review: Little Inferno is a beautiful masterpiece that everyone should try

This indie title on the Wii U eShop may very well be the most compelling and heartwarming piece of digital software all year.

Review: Sine Mora lights up the PS Vita as one of the year's best downloadable games

One of the year’s best shmups makes its way to the Vita in prime fashion.

Review: Nano Assault is gorgeous and difficult, much like a supermodel girlfriend

While there's certainly a lot to like about Nano Assault — like its stunning visuals and highly polished gameplay — its a bit too difficult too often to fully recommend to everyone.

The Walking Dead recap and review: 'Made to Suffer' is intense, but not without flaws

In the latest episode of The Walking Dead we see a change in the Governor that can only mean great things for his villainous character.

Review: Far Cry 3 is an insane(ly) fun, violent, open world romp

Great FPS action and an incredible open world makes this trip through insanity a ride well worth taking.

Review: Adventure Time on 3DS channels its inner Zelda II

If you’re an Adventure Time fan, it goes without saying that you’ll find plenty of enjoyment in this Zelda II-inspired 3DS title.

Review: Trine 2: Director’s Cut is still great a year later

This game may have launched last year, but its Wii U debut is a shining effort that’s worthy of being played one more time.

Review: Chasing Aurora is pretty, promising, and disappointing

Despite its wondrous visual style, this downloadable eShop game fails to live up to its potential.

Review: Power A's FUS1ON Tournament Controller is a decent fit for most hands

This tournament-friendly controller may be pricey, but it’s certainly a solid peripheral.

Review: DJ Max Technika Tune brings the arcade music experience to the Vita

This music franchise returns, this time landing on the Vita, and it’s a largely successful experience that’s perfect for longtime fans.

Review: Guardians of Middle-earth successfully brings the MOBA genre to consoles

This strategic MOBA hits all the right notes and delivers a satisfying gameplay experience for fans of the genre.


Preview: BioShock Infinite soars above the rest

BioShock Infinite looks to be a massively promising endeavor worthy of the BioShock name.

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Do your decisions in The Walking Dead really make a difference?

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BioShock Infinite’s cover art is lackluster but has purpose

By putting Booker DeWitt on the cover, this highly anticipated title is emphasizing the importance of its main protagonist.

The Wii U has been great for my marriage

Can the Wii U help get couples together to play some vidya games?

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