What Far Cry 3 looks like in real life

Far Cry 3 Image

It seems that every time there's a big game release someone feels the need to recreate it in "real life" (thanks a lot YouTube); the result is usually something shi**y, but occasionally you find a gem.   

As is the case with this new video depicting Far Cry 3 in real life. The film, which was uploaded to YouTube, was made by Devin Graham, Leanna Pareja, Jacob Schwarz, and Clint Jones.

In terms of recreating the gameplay of Far Cry 3, the video is spot on. And the general consensus (over 3,000 likes), seems to be that this video is actually of worthy quality. It definitely stands up to the 9.5/10 we scored Far Cry 3. Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts.

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