5 years old kid gets pre-owned 3DS with homemade porn on it for Christmas

Nintendo 3DS XL Image

Someone in Santa’s workshop got a bit lazy this holiday season.  After all, you never know when that refurbished 3DS you bought for your 5 year old will have homemade porn on it from the assumed previous owners – oops.  Little Braydon Giles got a bit extra under the tree this year after he got on his Nintendo handheld system.  There were a total of nine photos of people ‘spreading the holiday cheer,’ if you know what I mean.  

Unsurprisingly, Braydon’s father was all but happy with this development.  Mark Giles asked his older son to help delete the photos that “traumatized” his family.  Perhaps ‘traumatized’ is too powerful of a word, but what do I know – I don’t have children.  The Nintendo 3DS was bought from GameStop and the company had this to say about it:

"GameStop is currently researching this situation. We have a rigorous quality control process in place to ensure that existing content is removed from all devices before they are re-sold. Out of millions of transactions each year, ones like this happen very rarely. Our number one priority is to make this right for our customer."

Okay, okay, okay, I know I should feel better after this statement but that’s not really what I got out of it.  When I read this all I saw was ‘this isn’t the first time this has happened.’  Mental note, buy more used systems from GameStop.  My final thoughts with this are that there are better means to take pictures of your ‘holiday activities.’  I’m assuming the people who took these pornographic photos did it for this EXACT shock reason that they are getting out of people; I’d say if that’s the case they were more than successful.    

Will someone please think of the children!? 

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