Capcom's "next big game" by Dead Rising dev doesn't have zombies

In a post on their website titled "New Game," Capcom Vancouver announced that they've been given the opportunity to create Capcom's "next big game." Outside of making sure to point out that there are no zombies in the game, there's no other details given. The post also points out that although they are assembling a great squad, they're only halfway through filling their roles, encouraging designers and developers to apply via their careers page.

Capcom Vancouver new game

According to reports and Eurogamer, Capcom Vancouver is also working on Dead Rising 3, which is in full production. According to reports over a year old, Dead Rising 3 will be set in the fictional town of Los Perdidos. The town is under martial law following a zombie outbreak. The main star is Rick, an orphan who works as an auto mechanic. He and a group of survivors are working to fix a plan and leave the town before a bomb explodes and destroys the city.

Dead Rising 3 is said to deal with the issue of illegal immigration, something that's quite a hot topic around the U.S. and especially here in south Florida. Red is another character in the game that leads an underground group of "illegals" who are infected, and his girlfriend Annie is sympathetic to the infected.

Dead Rising 3 is rumored to be a next-gen console and PC game, so it's only fair to assume that Capcom Vancouver's other new game will be as well -- especially if it's just getting the team for it together now.

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