Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers box set contains music CD

SMT: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers

As you may have heard, Atlus is bringing the previously Japan-only Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers to North America on April 16. It announced today that the limited edition box set includes a music CD, available to those who preorder or pick up the game at retail launch.

The role-playing game — called Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers when it comes to 3DS this spring — originally released in 1997. Atlus apparently tried to localize the PlayStation version in 1999, but Sony Computer Entertainment America prevented them.

It's good that the publisher hasn't given up all these years.

You'll also be able to purchase the dungeon-crawler digitally through the 3DS eShop if you're not interested in the box set bonus. Soul Hackers is coming to the U.S. with a full English translation, 30 additional demons, a new opening animation and theme song, better controls, and quicker load times.

Players can use the 3DS's bottom screen as an automapping feature and "engage a COMP hack to change difficulty levels on the fly and fill out maps without walking through," according to the press release. This version also includes a post-game dungeon where players can meet Raidou Kuzunoha, a character from previous Devil Summoner games.

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