GTA 5, BioShock Infinite, and Dead Space 3 will hopefully boost industry sales in 2013

Following a disappointing 2012 in gaming sales, many analysts are turning to 2013 with hope that a new year will yield better results. Although we saw several high-profile titles launch in 2012, not all of them lived up to expectations. Like last year, 2013 promises new installments to several more blockbuster franchises -- most notably Grand Theft Auto 5, Dead Space 3, and BioShock Infinite.

All three titles are sequels to established franchises, but more importantly all three could play a vital role in the rebound of a slumping industry.  GTA 5 is certainly one of the most anticipated games of 2013, but will it be enough to curb the supposed "gamer fatigue" consumers are suffering from? Industry analyst Michael Pachter certainly hopes so. 

In a NPD preview note (of December 2012's sales), Pachter predicted 2013 should bring better results for the industryHe directly pointed out that top titles like GTA 5, Dead Space 3, and BioShock Infinite will help drive sales, but noted that the real rebound will be in 2014. That's because Pachter, like many others, predict 2014 will see the release of new consoles from both Microsoft and Sony.

Both platform holders are expected to make grand unveils of next-gen consoles this year (maybe at E3?). "Publishers will likely plan an unprecedented number of new IP launches in the first two years of the cycle, providing relief from gamer fatigue," Pachter predicted.

Of course, a new console doesn't guarantee an increase in sales. Nintendo late last year released the Wii U and though many never believe it would live up to the power of future Microsoft and PlayStation consoles, there was still some hope it could stave off slumping industry sales. Unfortunately, that didn't happen as the Wii U's sales have been somewhat disappointing since launch.

With 2013 now here, all eyes are on Sony and Microsoft. Will they reveal the Xbox 720 or PlayStation 4. As sales seem to indicate, gamers are certainly ready for it. Do you want to see new consoles from Microsoft and Sony this year?


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