Microsoft + R2 Studios + Xbox 720 + ??? = world dominance?

It’s no secret that Microsoft is making some sort of power move in 2013.  What it is exactly has yet to be confirmed despite all the stipulation.  Many are thinking it will be a next gen console being revealed at this year’s E3 – an Xbox 720 perhaps? Regardless if it is a new gaming system or not, Microsoft’s actions lead us to believe that they will continue to make the Xbox (and future Xbox consoles) far more than just a video game system.

Through purchasing R2 Studios, Microsoft is showing some of its cards for what it wants in the future.  If you recall, both Apple and Google were trying to get their hands on R2 Studios but it was Microsoft that got them in the end. In a nut shell, R2 Studios works with the distributing and displaying digital media on televisions.  This most likely is another step in Microsoft offering more options and synergy to your house hold appliances: smartphone, gaming console, television, tablets, computers, etc. 

If R2 Studios was bought for the purpose of integrating something awesome in the new Xbox, Microsoft could have one hell of a show this E3.  Now just to figure out what those three question marks are…


Via: Microsoft + R2 Studios + Xbox 720 + ??? = world dominance?