Rumor: Is Junction Point closing down?

Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two Image

Reports indicate that Epic Mickey 2 developer Junction Point will be closing down. The rumors began circulating the internet when both Joystiq and My Nintendo News posted the story that the developer would be shutting its doors in seven days.

The two articles cited a tweet posted by Roberts Space Industries that stated, "Second 21 gun salute for a studio in 7 days. Fare-the-well Junction Point! We hope that you all find new studios soon!"

Remember, kids, this all a rumor until it's been confirmed by Disney Interactive and Junction Point. In other words, don't take it to be 100 percent accurate just yet.

That said, if the studio was to close down, it wouldn't be all that shocking. After the the unimpressive sales figures of Epic Mickey 2 as well as the game's poor critical reception, there's a possibility that the dev could shut down.

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Via: Rumor: Is Junction Point closing down?