StarCraft 2 eSports Update: World Champion PartinG departs Startale

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Korean player Lee-Sak 'PartinG' Won had quite the amazing run last year. Not only did he win the World Championships (a truly international tournament that consisted of quite a large number of feeder tournaments from countries around the world), he also won the World Cyber Games among other titles. 

Yesterday, it was announced that a new chapter will be starting for PartinG as he says farewell to his long time team, StarTale. He had this to say after deciding to leave the team:

"Startale is a great team, but I want to experience as much as possible while I am still young, so I made this decision. I want to thank manager Won for everything he has done for me."

Speculation among experts in the StarCraft 2 scene points to PartinG heading to a foreign (or non-Korean) team due to the trade lockout between teams on the eSports Federation and Korean eSports Association. Due to PartinG's presence in the background of Thorzain's stream, my personal bet is that he is headed to Evil Geniuses, who has become a powerhouse in and out of Korea due to their signing of many top Korean players, such as Jaedong, Revival and JYP. 

Only time will tell if this is the case, however. You can keep it locked here to GameZone eSports for all the latest as it develops.

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