TERA: Rising going free-to-play on February 5

Action MMO TERA from En Masse Entertainment will be free-to-play starting on February 5. Being relaunched as TERA: Rising, players will be able to play the game subscription-free with an in-game store and Elite options available to players who want more control over their gameplay experience. There are three player status types available in TERA: Rising, and all new players will be able to enjoy Standard status for free with no level cap or content restrictions, while players who purchased the client will gain a permanent Found status with special privileges.

The three player status types in TERA: Rising are:

I would consider Elite status to be the monthly subscription of $15 that players normally pay for a pay-to-play MMO. On February 5, TERA: Rising is also getting new in-game content, including the Crucible of Flame multi-level dungeon and a new three-on-three PvP battleground. 

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