What's downloadable this week, Nintendo? 1/3/2013

Unchained Blades Image

It's a new year and another Thursday which means that there are some new downloadable Nintendo titles. This week we've only got a handful of digital games across the 3DS and DSi. Let's check out the Nintendo downloads that kicked off 2013, shall we?

The first game on the 3DS eShop is the sports-action download Air Battle Hockey 3D for $4.99. The enjoyable retro RPG Code of Princess is also getting a digital release this week, and it's available for $39.99. Also on tap is Gunman Clive, an action-platformer that has a neat hand-drawn look to it, for $1.99. Last is the 3DS debut of Unchained Blades for $29.99.

DSiWare is also on the receiving end of some downloadable games, but there are only two this week. The first is Galaxy Saver, an old school arcade-looking shooter that's priced at $1.99. Then there's Snowboard Xtreme for $1.99. Seriously, that one doesn't need any explanation. It's a snowboarding game with the fake word "xtreme" in the title.

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