DICE: 'Dirt bike the star' of Battlefield 3: End Game's Capture the Flag mode

Battlefield 3's final add-on pack, End Game, will re-introduce the classic game mode Capture the Flag. This time around, players will have all-new tools at their disposal. 

In a post on the Battlefield 3 blog, DICE product manager Tommy Rydling previewed the return of the classic mode and what players can look forward to when it releases. For those unfamiliar with the mode, the concept is two teams fighting for control over the enemy's flag. Capturing it and returning to your base will earn you a point. Simple enough? There are a few things to note in the End Game version, particularly the addition of the dirt bike.

"The all-new End Game dirt bike is without a doubt the star of this game mode," Rydling explained. "It’s the perfect getaway vehicle for when you’ve snatched the enemy flag and need to wheelie back to your home base. The addition of a passenger seat means you can have some protection while boosting away from your pursuers."

The catch with Capture the Flag is that if the enemy team currently holds your flag when you return to the base with theirs, you won't score. The trick, as Rydling points out, is to have a well-balanced mix of defense and offense. Although capturing the enemy flag is instantaneous, recovering your own flag from an enemy requires a little more time. Similar to capturing a base in Conquest, a timer will begin ticking down once you are within capture radius of your flag; the time it takes to recover your flag is affected by how many allied soldiers are in the capture radius.

Rydling warns that while the dirt bike is faster and more agile, it's susceptible to damage. You must weigh speed against low safety against enemy fire.

"If you would prefer a slower but more armored ride home, we’d recommend a jeep or tank instead – but whatever ride you choose, you will always be asked to make that judgment call whether speed or armor is your top priority at any given time."

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