Finally, buy System Shock 2 on GOG for a fraction of its cost


After 13 years, you can finally play System Shock 2, Ken Levine's precursor to BioShock and the game that influenced many modern first-person shooters.

It's causing quite a stir right now on, which partnered with Night Dive Studio, a new company that managed to secure the rights for digital distribution. It was the most requested game on GOG's community wishlist, and now it's available as a digital download for only $10.

This is the first time since 1999/2000 that the game has made a return. (It was supposed to come to Dreamcast, but the release was canceled.) After a mess of rights issues, it's now Star Insurance Company that owns the rights. George Borkowski, a lawyer for Star and its affiliate Meadowbrook Insurance, said in an email to Time, "Star Insurance Company is open to the idea of developing a sequel to System Shock 2."

Meanwhile, Night Dive is working on its own original intellectual property, according to Rock Paper Shotgun, and part of its aim is "finding classic, abandoned and forgotten PC games and bringing them back into the hands of gamers." System Shock 2 isn't too shabby of a way to start.

You won't find it anywhere else — GOG has an exclusive deal. You can still find copies of System Shock 2 used, of course, but it's selling for as much as $300 these days.

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