GZ Exclusive: Introducing Elsword's newest character class

GameZone and Kill3rcombo have teamed up to bring you an exclusive look at the newest character class in Elsword. Rena is back and better than ever. Transformed into the new Trapping Ranger, she'll have access to a new weapon and an entirely new fighting style that blends ranged attacks, close-combat slashing and traps to stun opponents. Check out her info card here!

We got to ask a few questions regarding the new class, to make sure that you're up to speed with all things Rena, before her final transformation on February 13th. Also make sure to head back to Elsword's Facebook Page tomorrow for a chance to win some awesome prizes!

1. What is the biggest change that Rena players can expect from the Trapping Ranger?

Trapping Ranger is the 3rd new class we’ve unveiled as part of our “Elsword Transformation” series and there are some major changes in store for Rena with her new assassin-style abilities. To start, her trapping skills completely alter her strategies, both in Elsword’s PvP and PvE modes. In PvP, Trapping Ranger is a control class at heart and a real game changer in team battles. She can control the lanes of attack so your team calls the shots. And the best thing is that she’s not purely a support character, she still has most of the awesome ranged and melee moves she always had. In fact, Trapping Ranger has a brand new blade weapon that can deal lethal damage if you time it right, so she can definitely handle herself in a straight fight too.

trapping ranger

For PvE players, Trapping Ranger is also a blast to play because she’s incredibly well-rounded. She has her bow for ranged attacks, her blade for melee, and her traps to keep things extra interesting. She can handle anything.

2. Where did the idea of the Trapping Ranger come from?

Similar to each of the new classes we’ve unveiled, we began by looking at Rena and saying, “how can we tweak this character to feel very new while still appealing to Rena fans?” Rena has always been a versatile character with fast attacks and we didn’t want to lose that. It turned there was a perfect fit with an assassin-style class and Trapping Ranger was born. One of the most exciting parts was crafting the storyline that explained how Rena could become a slightly edgier character. We came up with a special order of night elves that specialize in assassination and infiltration. Rena bands with them to learn some very different skills than she’s had in the past.

3. How will players gain access to Rena's new specialization class?

It’s a snap. For new characters, they can choose Trapping Ranger at level 15, the first chance to choose a specialization. Because each of our characters has quite a lot of depth, Trapping Ranger is just one of three different classes you can specialize in as Rena. For seasoned Rena players who want a quick way to switch over to Trapping Ranger, there will be an object that allows you to do that too.

trapping ranger

4. What new Gameplay elements will players get to experience as the Trapping Ranger?

Trapping Ranger is the first character in Elsword to focus on setting traps and feature assassin-style abilities. Those both matter in PvP and PvE, but Trapping Ranger will probably make a bigger splash in PvP. That’s because teams can build whole strategies around having a Trapping Ranger on the roster. My personal favorite is baiting opponents into traps so my allies can go to town on them while they’re snared. With Trapping Ranger it pays off big time to coordinate your attacks.

Trapping Ranger also has a new mysterious attack called Fatality that is just as terrifying as it sounds. Every hit has a chance of delivering lethal damage. I’ll leave the rest for players to discover, but let’s just say traps are not the only way Trapping Ranger can mess with your day.

5. Can you tease us with what else is on the horizon for Elsword?

Best news is that half of our characters have a brand new class and we’re celebrating that with a massive giveaway with awesome real world prizes. Whether you’re an Elsword faithful or not, you should check out the official Facebook page on Wednesday 2/13 to see the prizes we’re giving out.

Remember, Elsword is completely free, so head on over to the official game page to check the game out, and look out for Rena's transformation to the Trapping Ranger tomorrow!

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