Project Awakened offers multiple solutions to one problem

Project Awakened Image

Here’s the scenario: you arrive at your location via subway car; there are a bunch of armed forces members awaiting you on the platform, and you need to get by -- what do you do? You are your perfect super hero and you have the customized powers of your fantasies created in Project Awakened. Also, these armed jerks want to murder your face off as hard as they possibly can. Your move hot shot, what do you do?

Well, what sort of character are you playing? Do you just run out there guns a blazing? Do you stealth past them all and allow them to go home to their wives at the end of the day? Do you individually take each one out like the Predator until the last one alive s@#$% himself? The choice is yours and yours alone. You are a super being and they are your play things.

Watch the trailer below and start thinking how you’d handle this scenario. Help their Kickstarter if you haven't yet and check out GameZone's interview with Chip Sineni, Director at Phosphor Games Studio.

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