Watch Dogs due out holiday 2013 for 'all home consoles'

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A leaked promotional poster for Ubisoft's Watch Dogs has been making its way around the internet this morning (courtesy of Kotaku). The poster reveals the game will be available during the holiday 2013 season on "all home consoles."

Thanks to investor calls we already knew the game would be released in 2013, but there's been some question surrounding the platforms. When the game was first revealed at E3 it was widely speculated to be a next-gen title. Even to this day, with Ubisoft apparently having confirmed an Xbox 360 and PS3 release (as well as PC), the question remains. The game just looks too darn good to only be a current gen title. 

Still, Ubisoft has been vague in their comments relating to Watch Dogs and the company's noncommital to make an official announcement certainly is suspicious. This promotional poster seems to clear a few things up. By simply saying "all home consoles," it's indicating a release for both current- AND next-gen consoles.

The poster also contains a quote from G4 about the game being a "truly next-gen adventure." The next Xbox or PlayStation haven't yet been announced, though Sony is expected to do so at an event next week. Both next-gen consoles are expected to release by the end of this year.

Watch Dogs promotional material

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