Xseed will continue to support games on 'dying' platforms

The Last Story

Xseed Games — publisher of The Last Story, soon Pandora's Tower, and plenty of niche titles — is happy to support great games no matter where the platforms are in their lifecycle. That's why it's still releasing games for the Wii and PSP even though the Wii U are PS Vita are Nintendo's and Sony's new priorities.

"A platform isn’t truly dead until all new software ceases to release on it, which in this day of digital distribution could take a very long time," Xseed vice president Ken Berry told Digital Trends.

The company has steered its efforts away from DS games, though, because "cartridge-based media is much more expensive than disc-based," said Berry. "Plus with the PSP, we had the great additional revenue from the PlayStation Store digital sales as all new UMD releases had a digital version for sale from day one."

That's not the only reason the PSP is a great source for Xseed.

"The PSP is unique in that it was so wildly successful in Japan relative to other territories that when developers are making content for it, they don’t consider the international market at all since they are banking on Japanese sales alone," said Berry. "Even now, there are still a lot of new games being made for that system as developers want a sure thing rather than transition over to Vita just yet. This creates an abundance of great PSP games in Japan that don’t get localized for overseas, so if we find compelling content and can make the numbers work out somehow."

Berry admitted that Pandora's Tower will likely be the last Wii game that Xseed publishes.

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