Disney's Planes coming exclusively to Wii U, 3DS and other Nintendo platforms

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Disney's Planes, a flying adventure game inspired by the upcoming Disney animated comedy adventure film, is coming exclusively to Nintendo platforms, Nintendo announced today. It will launch on Wii U, Wii, 3DS, and DS on August 6 in North America, just three days prior to the film's opening in nationwide theaters on August 9.

The video game spin-off will expand beyond the storyline of the film, allowing you to play as the film's characters across six environments from the movie in more than 40 missions. It will star movie protagonist Dusty, voiced by Dane Cook. In the console version, which includes drop-in and drop-out two-player multiplayer, you can play as one of 10 characters from the movie. The handheld versions will offer six characters to choose from.

In all versions of the game, the single-player Story mode consists of multiple score-based minigames. The Wii U and Wii modes will have two exclusive modes, though: an exploratory "Free Flight" mode and an "Air Rallies" racing mode. The 3DS and DS will have a separate Challenge mode as well.

Disney's Planes is the second title being brought to Nintendo platforms. In August, Disney Infinite, a new gaming platform that combines Disney's most popular franchises with interactive figures that come to life in a virtual game world, will release for Wii U, Wii, and 3DS. You can check out our most recent look at Disney Infinity's recently unveiled Cars universe here.

“Wii U offers our developers unique tools to showcase our fun franchises,” said Javier Ferriera, Senior Vice President, Publishing at Disney Interactive. “No matter which Nintendo system you own, every member of the family will have fun playing.” 

It was also confirmed earlier today that Ubisoft's Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist is coming to the Wii U on August 20 in North America.

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