What if Columbia was created in Minecraft?

Bioshock Infinite Image

There's no denying the world that Irrational Games created in BioShock Infinite was beautiful. Visuals aside, the sheer size and detail put into the city of Columbia was breathtaking. From the concept of a floating city to the marvelous building architecture, Columbia has easily carved its spot as one of my favorite video game settings. Of course, to truly be considered a great setting, it must pass one very critical step: the Minecraft test.

What's this you ask? For years, fans have taken some of our most beloved video game environments and recreated them block by block in Minecraft. No matter how many games I've seen recreated in 8-bit graphics, I'm always left impressed. But YouTube user volx1337 might have taken the crown with a recreation of BioShock Infinite's city of Columbia -- complete with a working sky-rail. Check out the video below to take a the tour of the city and see the sky-rail in action.

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