David Jaffe spreads his wings to make another car combat game


David Jaffe, the creator of Twisted Metal and God of War, has joined Pixelbionic, and independent game developer for their on their inaugural project. That project is Autoduel, a PC online multiplayer game that pays homage to games like Twisted Metal with its team-based car combat. 

Jaffe, who will serve as creative advisor, said, "I was super excited when I heard Pixelbionic's vision for Autoduel. As a huge fan of the genre, I'm really looking forward to contributing to the game's vision and design goals."

I don't want to say David Jaffe is being type-casted here, but he might be in danger of being the Michael Cera of video games. Regardless, he knows car combat. 

Autoduel, which will launched its Kickstarter campaign for crowdsourced funding soon, combines team-based car combat with RPG-influenced progression and customization. Autoduel takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where warriors battle it out in tricked out, heavily armed vehicles. There are 20 unique cars divided among three warring factions -- the Ratters, Scavengers and Techies. You can modify the vehicles with upgrades to the drivetrain and suspension, by adding weapons and armor, and customizing the paint and decals. 

Okay, so it sounds pretty cool, as long as it doesn't go the way of Auto Assault

Of Pixelbionic, the press release reads that it was "founded to created spirited games such as Autoduel that are ignored by publishers, leaving the door open to independent developers supported by fans of the genre."

Pixelbionic has a roster full of talent working on the game. The collective resume of those working on Autoduel include games like The Matrix: Path of NeoReturn to Castle WolfensteinInterstate '76The Bard's TaleDie Hard Trilogy and Tokyo Xtreme Racer -- a personal favorite of mine.

We'll report more as further details are revealed.

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