Tech Review: I-Mego Walker Junior headphones deliver superior sound with decent noise cancelation

I-Mego Walker Junior

The Walker Jr. is fairly lightweight and compact, not to mention that it folds up like a Transformer for super convenient storage. The build is sturdy and doesn't feel cheap at all.

The big draw for the Walker Jr. headphones is their noise canceling capabilities. Granted, you're not getting Bose-quality noise canceling here, but you're also paying about half or less than what you would spend on a pair of those. Each earpiece has a miniature microphone that picks up and is able to erase outside noise almost completely. It's not perfect, and certain sounds do get through, but you can clearly hear the difference when the noise canceling is turned on as opposed to switched off.

I actually put the Walker Jr. through a few tests to see how it holds up not only under given environment circumstances, but also depending on what you're using them for. I tried them with my iPod, Samsung Galaxy Note II, PS Vita, and Nintendo 3DS. Music through my iPod or streaming it through services like Pandora and Spotify on my Android sounded absolutely crisp. The treble does seem to increase a bit, drowning out the bass ever so slightly when the noise canceling is turned on, but it's nothing that would ruin my listening experience. The same could be said of playing games on the Vita and 3DS. As soon as the noise canceling was turned on, the bass got slightly quieter and the treble seemed to be slightly more dominant.

I tried to use it in the noisiest environments I possibly could in South Florida, so I took it to a newly opened fast food joint, Shake Shack, which was absolutely swamped with people. To my surprise, the headphones performed valiantly, given the amount of people and noise. With my music turned up and the noise canceling on, the noise was entirely drowned out minus a slight hint of sound that got through.

But, let's be honest, these types of headphones excel while on public transportation like planes and trains, which are generally less noisy than a crowded fast food place. Though I was unable to test it out in those, I can only imagine that you'll be completely immersed in your music, with no exterior sound getting in the way.

The Walker Jr. headphones also come with a 2-prong airplane converter, allowing you to use them to watch movies or other entertainment in the plane, as well as a 1/4 inch jack converter for items like guitar and bass amps or keyboards.

Retailing at $139.99, the headphones aren't cheap by any means, but given their noise-canceling capabilities, they're absolutely worth it, especially for those who prefer their portable gaming to be uninterrupted by the outside world.

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