ESPN and Sports Pick App get new Xbox SmartGlass experiences

If you're an Xbox 360 owner that has dabbled with SmartGlass on your phone or tablet and you watch sports, Major Nelson announced some great news for you. Sports fans on Xbox LIVE have a new way to connect with other fans with a new app called Sports Pick. With Sports Pick, you compete with your Xbox LIVE friends on a leaderboard that shows how well you make picks. There's also a new experience with Sports Pick for Xbox SmartGlass. Using your tablet or phone, you can do all of this on those peripherals so you don't have to miss any of the game through your Xbox 360.

There's also a new SmartGlass experience for ESPN and NBA Game Time. The ESPN SmartGlass experience has you in command of your favorite ESPN channels on your 360. You can browse thousands of live events, select videos you want with your phone and play them on your Xbox 360, and watch highlights and replays using your tablet or smartphone. Similarly, the NBA Game Time SmartGlass experience lets you browse live NBA games with highlights and recaps, select the videos you want and send them to your 360 for full-screen action.

As always, an Xbox LIVE Gold subscription is required, but the Xbox SmartGlass experience is free for Windows 9, Windows RT and iOS.

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Via: ESPN and Sports Pick App get new Xbox SmartGlass experiences