Mega Man 1-6 blast their way to 3DS

Mega Man  Image

Capcom wanted the original NES Mega Man titles on the 3DS eShop in North America, and that's exactly what's happening. The games have been available for download in Japan and Europe, and it looks like this side of the globe is finally getting some Mega Man love on Nintendo's dual screen handheld.

The first Mega Man will arrive on the 3DS eShop on December 27. It'll be followed by Mega Man 2 on February 7. The rest of the titles will be released throughout 2013.

It's great to see the classic Mega Man series getting a spot on the North American eShop. In addition to the news of these old school action-platformers getting new life on the 3DS, it was also revealed that Street Fighter X Mega Man was officially made available for free download. Yay for lots of Mega Man!


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Via: Mega Man 1-6 blast their way to 3DS