Pandora's Tower confirmed for North America

Pandora's Tower Image

XSEED has announced that the Ganbarion-developed Pandora's Tower will be available on North American Wii consoles later this year. The game is set to launch sometime this spring.

Pandora's Tower launched in Japan to a positive critical reception. The RPG was then localized for the European market where it was also nicely received. It's great to see that North American RPG aficionados can look forward to the game now, too.

No specific pre-order or first run bonuses have been confirmed yet, though that may change. After all the cool stuff that came with both Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story, here's hoping Pandora's Tower offers some sweet swag, as well.

This is it, folks. RPG fans asked for it, and now they're getting it. The final piece of this Wii RPG puzzle is about to be widely available in North America. If you dig the genre, watch out for Pandora's Tower.

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Via: Pandora's Tower confirmed for North America