Too Human pulled from Xbox 360's Games on Demand marketplace

While 2008 was marked by economic downturn for the entire country, it also was marked by a number of fantastic games that are still being indulged today, including Grand Theft Auto IV and Fallout 3. However, one game that perhaps wasn’t deemed “killer,” but received generally positive reviews, is making headlines today due to its availability, or lack of it: Too Human.

The exclusive 360 title, developed by Silicon Knights, has suddenly been pulled from the Xbox’s “Games on Demand” list. For those unaware of the Games on Demand feature, it’s simply a list of titles, new and old alike, which can be downloaded digitally in their entireties. Interestingly enough, there’s still a product page for Too Human, but players can no longer purchase the game, demo, dashboard themes, or gamer pics; or in a nutshell, anything Too Human.

Microsoft didn’t comment on the product being pulled from their online marketplace, but all reasoning behind the decision seems to stem from a court ruling back in November of 2012 that ordered Silicon Knights to cease production of any games made using Unreal Engine 3, which includes unsold copies of their Unreal Engine 3 titles (by destruction).

The ruling came on the heels of Silicon Knight’s argument that Epic’s Unreal Engine “did not work as it was supposed to,” which ultimately set the developer back during their development of Too Human. According to the developer, this hurt the final product, which could be why the game currently sits at a 65 on Metacritic. As the story goes, Silicon lost in a countersuit and was ordered to pay Epic nearly 9 million dollars either pull or destroy all copies of their titles that include the engine by December 10, 2012. The Games on Demand version of Too Human stuck around a month after that cemented date, which is why there may be little details as to why it’s since been pulled.

Source: [IGN]

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