Umm ... So there's a game called Boob Wars


Welcome to GameZone After Hours! Okay, so that isn't actually a thing, but it is technically after hours, so I thought I'd share this bit of outlandishly pervy vidya game news.

The game in question is called Boob Wars: Big Breasts vs Flat Chests. It's a Japanese adventure game, and its plot is based on two warring tribes. Basically, you've got one group with small breasts and another with huge ones. Yep, that's the basis for the story. Then again, the game is called Boob Wars, so is that really shocking?

As protagonist, your objective is simple: "Seduce Queen Milk Elioto of the Big Breasts Tribe and Queen Teresa Premadasa of the Flat Chests Tribe and bring this war to a close."

This game is so retarded. Oh, and if you should choose to click on the source link below, be aware that the content is totally NSFW.

[Manga Gamer via Destructoid]

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