15 minutes of Wasteland 2 gameplay footage


It has been quite a while since InXile has revealed anything related to Wasteland 2, the sequel to Interplay's post-apocalyptic PC RPG. Back in April/March of 2012, Brian Fargo, the creator of Wasteland, and the InXile team announced plans for a sequel. The studio turned to the popular crowd-funding site Kickstarter to obtain the funds required to begin development on the highly anticipated game.

Fast forward a few months and we now have our first official look at Wasteland 2. InXile has published a 15 minute gameplay demo with director Chris Keenan providing a detailed walkthrough of what we are seeing.

"We are very proud to provide the first gameplay video of Wasteland 2, which will allow our backers to see how far we've come and how everything is coming together," an update explained. "The usual way of doing things in this industry would see us create a demo specifically for displaying to the press or at game shows, but we're very glad to have been allowed the freedom to create a demo video from an actually playable area, which ensures there's no wasted code."

The clip below demonstrates one of the first areas you'll encounter in the game, an agricultural center that was also a part of the original Wasteland. Throughout the video, you'll gain an understanding of action points, use of cover, enemy view cones, distance/height/enemy size/enemy speed affecting the hit chance, ammo configurations, attributes changing the characters strengths and role, simultaneous party firing, and more. Without further ado, we present to you a first look at Wasteland 2...

"There is still plenty of time for you to comment on the combat system and to help us hone it in," InXile concluded. "Our goal is to build a very deep combat system, with the potential to dive in and fine-tune your damage-output and tactics, while not absolutely requiring that level of micro-management from all players."

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