Weekly wrap-up: Stacked sandwich edition

Ah, another week has passed by, so that means ... Wait, two weeks have gone by? Well, in that case, expect a lot of reviews, previews, and editorials in this latest edition of GameZone’s weekly wrap-up. This time we take a look at Dead Space 3, Path of Exile, and more. Miss anything over the last couple of weeks? You’ll find it all right here.


Review: Euro Truck Simulator 2 is, despite its premise, a fantastically designed sim

If you’re a fan of big trucks — and even if you’re not — this game may be the niche title for you.

Review: Corpse Party: Book of Shadows pens a novel of blood and gore

This rare PSP release is stronger in certain parts than others, but if you’re looking for a horror-themed visual novel, you should definitely give Book of Shadows a look.

Review: The ROCCAT Isku FX will light up your gaming world

Need a gaming keyboard? You really can’t go wrong with the ROCCAT Isku FX.

Stratego Online review: Strategized nostalgia

Stratego Online is exactly what you want out of a mobile board game.

Movie Review: Parker is Cable TV's next hit movie

It may be dumb, but this movie is quite enjoyable if you have your expectations set accordingly.

Review: 10,000,000 is pure addiction in a simple puzzle/RPG format

If you’re searching for an addictive title to sink unknown amounts of time into, look no further.

Review: Cognition: Episode 2: The Wise Monkey rips apart body and soul

The second episode of Cognition is a strong continuation of this awesome adventure series.

Review: Skulls of the Shogun slice and dices its way as one of the premier XBLA titles to date

Skulls of the Shogun is a great strategy game that deserves to be downloaded.

Review: Omerta: City of Gangsters has a great premise but gets repetitive

While the potential was certainly there, this crime sim ultimately falls victim to monotony.

Movie Review: Warm Bodies is the second-best romantic comedy with zombies

Solid horror comedy makes Warm Bodies a fun film to check out.

Movie Review: Bullet to the Head is unironic action, done well

Unlike Arnold’s latest film venture, Bullet to the Head proves that Sylvester Stallone can still kick some ass.

Review: Super Street Fighter Volume 1: New Generation is a treat for fans of the franchise

The world of Street Fighter successfully crosses over into the comic book format, providing a fun (and often funny) read.

Movie review: Don't let these Noobz pwn your wallet

This movie is stupid. And bad. And then stupid again.

Review: Fire Emblem Awakening shines brightly as the 3DS' finest game to date

The tactical RPG franchise from Nintendo returns, and it’s better than ever.

Review: Who put Gears of War in my Dead Space 3?!

Some glaring setbacks keep Dead Space 3 from being particularly good.

Review: Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time will steal your heart (PlayStation 3)

Sly Cooper is back, and he’s just as awesome as he ever was. PS Vita version review

Movie Review: Side Effects may include frustration, followed by pleasant surprise

If you stick with it past its weak opening, Side Effects will provide a worthwhile movie-watching experience.

Movie Review: Identity Thief has an identity crisis

It’s a shame that this movie doesn’t know when to quit.

Review: Hitman HD Trilogy doesn't entirely hit the mark, but still completes the kill

You could argue that there are better compilations out there, but that still doesn’t mean that Hitman HD Trilogy is a bad collection.


Preview: My one hour(s) with SimCity's addictive beta

Oh, SimCity, why are you so preciously addictive?

Preview: Darkstalkers Resurrection brings online action to two classic fighters

Darkstalkers is back. Well, sort of. Either way, this collection is definitely intriguing.

Preview: Alien vs. Predator: Evolution offers hacking and slashing action as well as vertebrae removal

The lore of Alien vs. Predator will continue in this mobile hack-and-slash title.

Preview: Injustice: Gods Among Us is gritty, sharp and it looks incredible

DC’s finest and baddest look to provide one hell of a fighting game experience.

Preview: You and me Tearaway, we're stuck like glue

If you’re looking for something interesting to play on your Vita, Media Molecule’s Tearaway should definitely be on your list.

Razer Edge Tablet is a portable PC gaming machine

Technically, this gaming tablet is quite impressive. But seriously, that battery life is just sad.

Preview: Killzone: Mercenary aims to deliver a console experience on the Vita

How will the Killzone series fare when it lands on Sony’s handheld?

Preview: God of War: Ascension's single player campaign could be the best we've seen yet

Kratos’ upcoming adventure could very well be one of the best in the series to date.

Preview: Splinter Cell Blacklist channels its inner Assassin's Creed

Taking cues from Ubisoft’s other action-adventure series, the next Splinter Cell could be an awesome thrill ride.

Preview: Surviving The Last of Us

GameZone attempts to live through some of the events in the upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive.

Preview: Terraria on XBLA and PSN will probably take up hundreds of hours of your time

Terraria looks to provide a fun, limitless experience once more, this time for the console gaming crowd.

Preview: Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut revives the 2010 cult classic with some extra content

If you’re even remotely interested in this horror cult classic, now would be the time to get stoked for its upcoming rerelease.

GZ Originals

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We take a look at the entertaining free-to-play title Hawken.

Dead Space 3 - What's next for Isaac Clarke?

What can we look forward to as far as the story of Isaac Clark is concerned?

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How online franchises are changing sports games forever

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Interview with Chip Sineni, Director at Phosphor Games Studio, on Project Awakened

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Interview: Urban Trial Freestyle's Wojtek Bilinski

Is Urban Trial Freestyle more than just Trials on PlayStation?

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