Another sappy gamer proposal story

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The next time your loved one asks you to play a game they created, expect it to end in a proposal. The latest sappy love story comes from Redditor Marchaka, who created an "old school final fantasy style role-playing video game," to propose to his girlfriend. Modding a video game to propose to your significant other is nothing new, but the amount of work that went into "Michele's Quest" may make this guy worthy of "boyfriend/husband/fiancé of the year."

According to his post, he spent 164 hours creating the game, appropriately named after his girlfriend Michele. It was filled with inside jokes and "tons of references" to classic and popular video games. So here's how it played out.

The game featured four bosses. After killing each boss, a chest was dropped that revealed an image which hinted at the location of a key hidden in real life. The real life keys -- of which there were four -- were used to unlock a chest next to the computer. Inside the chest was a note for her to turn around. As you can guess, when Michele turned around, Marchaka was on one knee. *Cue the "awwwwwww"*.

And then she said no.

Just kidding. An update later on revealed she said yes. For those of you looking to propose in a similar fashion, Marchaka noted that he used RPG Maker VX Ace to create the game. It costs about $70 in the Steam store and you apparently don't need to know any programming languages.

And now for my favorite part... the Reddit comments:

"For $29.99 you can get the Michels Quest™ Honeymoon DLC." - Katanagod

"On disc DLC includes the $4.99 Michels Quest™ Dream Wedding With in-game real cash store, for extra flowers and much more!" - HymTonic

"Constant internet connection required. (IT'S A FEATURE)" - Khad

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