Peripheral Vision: KBtalKing Multipurpose Mechanical Keyboard

So how does this keyboard offer anything different in comparison to any other mechanical keyboard out there? Well, the KBtalKing Pro is a 100% wireless keyboard (wired mode available) that is fully compatible with any PC, Mac, Android or iOS-based device -- whether it's a desktop, phone or tablet. That's quite a mouth-full to read (even in your head); basically, if your device supports Bluetooth 3.0, then it is a good bet the keyboard will be fully functional.

The keyboard itself only requires two AA-batteries for wireless and comes in either Cherry MX black, brown, blue or red. You’ve got all the right flavors for every kind of user, although it would appear the standard USA or Taiwanese key layouts are the only ones available.

Keyboard + Any device, anything is possible

One thing you’ve definitely noticed through my pictures is that the KBtalKing Pro has a mega amount of secondary key functions. They include media controls, the ability to switch from PC/Android/iOS/Mac modes -- each with unique shortcuts -- and a numpad that stores all of your paired device settings to make switching from a tablet back to a phone very easy. Some odd FN features include a cooking timer, health timer and the ability to exchange Ctrl as Caps, and Caps as Ctrl.

I almost wish the amount of included features stopped there. Within the very sleek box, you get replacement windows keys for Mac users, a very useful key remover, and a multipurpose phone/tablet stand with rubber feet that helps mimic a portable PC. Take note that the cardboard manual also doubles as an origami calendar (picture below).

This is soooo awesome!

Mother Of God! I cannot express how amazing the KBtalKing Pro’s never-ending list of included features is. I challenge anyone to find a comparable keyboard or mouse that contains this much bonus stuff, including a 9000-page list of possible uses for a keyboard! YES THIS IS JUST A KEYBOARD!

you can change the windows keys to mac

Having all these features is great, but how does the keyboard feel and perform while typing or gaming? I’m currently using it in wired mode, which was pretty annoying to setup. You would think it’s a simple plug in and play; but in order to use the keyboard in wired mode, you must locate the FN key, hold it and press the little icon of a PC to enable it. Unfortunately, in a rare moment of n00byness, I was pressing the second (right-hand-side) windows key, thinking it was the FN button because it is a picture of an acorn. After 5 minutes, I learnt that the FN key is located in the top right-hand corner, after which everything started to work!

The keys themselves are not coated in any way, which means if you sweat or have a little chicken grease on your fingers, things will be a little slippery while gaming. Another thing that annoys me about mechanical keyboards these days is the location of Caps lock, Num lock and Scroll lock. Yet again, they are shown to be enabled/disabled via illumination of the key itself. I personally hate this innovation; to make things slightly worse, only two out of the three keys properly illuminate. It would appear that the scroll lock was chosen to have a little icon of the “health timer” instead of properly showing if it’s enabled or disabled.

Not every key lights up

At the end of the day, the KBtalKing Pro brings an insane amount of features that range from wireless, multi-device support, to a complete gaming experience on an actual computer. On this keyboard, I do understand why the location of the indictors of caps/num-lock is located on the keys, because of those extra buttons for other controls. But hey, it’s something that annoys me.

To grab yourself one, it will run you around $179.00 + $12.95 USA shipping for a total of around $200. It’s not a cheap keyboard!

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